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Wisdom of Silence: Peace and Wellbeing in Global Crises

University of Eastern Finland
Finland, Joensuu and Kuopio
Philosophical Faculty Finland, Joensuu
Tuition fee €500 per programme

There is no course fee for the degree students of UEF! Please check the reduced prices below.

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The curriculum introduces silence as an ambivalent concept: both as a global social and ecological challenge and ancient wisdom rooted in early Christianity, providing alternatives to modern-day human struggles. The course offers deep insights into silence in early Christian communities and scriptures as well as addresses their relevance to contemporary religiosity and spirituality. Based on recent theological research, the course also takes a multifaceted approach to modern-day geopolitical, ecological and social issues and considers silence as a source of wellbeing in times of global, societal and individual crises and suffering. Silence is also examined as an especially Finnish phenomenon. Furthermore, the course provides students with ideas of how to consider the challenges and potential of silence in one’s personal life (e.g., educational or pastoral work). The course includes an excursion to a local Orthodox monastery and the surrounding peaceful North-Karelian nature, wherein the student is able to gain hands-on experiences of practicing silence.

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Maximum number of participants is 30.

-Participant, normal fee: 500 euros for 2-week-course, 300 euros for 1-week-course.
-Participant from a UEF partner university: 400 euros for 2-week-course, 250 euros for 1-week-course.
-Incoming UEF exchange student: 200 euros for 2-week-course, 200 euros for 1-week-course.
-Participant from company/organization: 1000 euros for 2-week-course, 1000 euros for 1-week-course.

NB! UEF partner universities include our international exchange programme partners (like Erasmus+, bilateral agreements etc.) and international network partners (like YUFE, YERUN, UArctic etc.).

Apply now! Summer 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
7 Aug 2023
Apply now! Summer 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
7 Aug 2023