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Summer School: Ecology and Climate Change

Tuition fee €500 per programme

There is no course fee for the degree students of UEF! Please check the reduced prices below.

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Under current EU legislation and international agreements there is an increasing obligation to protect and restore ecosystems. While restoration is scale up, there is increasing emphasis on using natural processes to restore damaged ecosystems like in rewilding. Ecosystem restoration also emphasizes increasingly human welbeing and a portfolio of ecosystem services that are to be enhanced. Furthermore, there is increasingly room for private actors in restoration and conservation processes. The proposed course would give, using concrete examples from North Karelia an overview of natural, economic, legal and social frameworks for ecosystem restoration. The work is done in collaboration with the Eco2adapt and Microeco projects.

-Participant, normal fee: 500 euros for 2-week-course, 300 euros for 1-week-course.
-Participant from a UEF partner university: 400 euros for 2-week-course, 250 euros for 1-week-course.
-Incoming UEF exchange student: 200 euros for 2-week-course, 200 euros for 1-week-course.

NB! UEF partner universities include our international exchange programme partners (like Erasmus+, bilateral agreements etc.) and international network partners (like YUFE, YERUN, UArctic etc.).

Apply now! Summer 2024/25
Application period has ended
Apply now! Summer 2024/25
Application period has ended