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Education in Diverse Cultures

Tuition fee €500 per programme

There is no course fee for the degree students of UEF! Please check the reduced prices below.

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After completing the study unit, the student
• understands concepts and perspectives underlying the diversity in educational settings,
• can apply theoretical knowledge in observing the learners’ cultural diversity from different perspectives,
• can recognize and value cultural diversity and its significance in education, training, pedagogical activities, human encounters in work communities, as well as in individuals and their behaviours,
• can distinguish the factors that transmit and create culture in education and training,
• recognizes the significance of pedagogical activity for developing the cooperation and mutual understanding between the individuals,
• can evaluate the significance of shared expertise in operational environments of education.

The maximum number of participants is 16.

-Participant, normal fee: 500 euros for 2-week-course, 300 euros for 1-week-course.
-Participant from a UEF partner university: 400 euros for 2-week-course, 250 euros for 1-week-course.
-Incoming UEF exchange student: 200 euros for 2-week-course, 200 euros for 1-week-course.

NB! UEF partner universities include our international exchange programme partners (like Erasmus+, bilateral agreements etc.) and international network partners (like YUFE, YERUN, UArctic etc.).

Apply now! Summer 2024/25
Application period has ended
Apply now! Summer 2024/25
Application period has ended