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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Computer Games

University of Eastern Finland
Finland, Joensuu and Kuopio
School of Computing Finland, Joensuu Campus
Tuition fee €300 one-time

There is no course fee for the degree students of UEF! Please check the reduced prices below.

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Basics of machine learning (one day + practical component)
What is a machine learning model? Differences between supervised, unsupervised and
reinforcement learning modes of learning. Focus is on deep learning models, the basics of it will
be quickly revised. Recently introduced self-supervised deep learning models will be introduced.
AI agents (two days of lectures + practical component)
The course introduces the basics of reinforcement learning and how autonomous systems can be implemented and trained. In the course we learn how to train software agents (such as playing games, dialog systems, etc.) and how to train physical agents such as robots through simulations. Some of the lectures in this section will be given by Dr. Andrew Melnik from Bielefeld University and Dr. Anssi Kanervisto from Microsoft Research, Cambridge.
Practice component (two days)
During the section, students implement a software agent that can play a computer game by
programming (Python). An agent is a statistical model whose parameters are then learned by
playing the game. There are many different models and training algorithms, and it is expected
that advanced students will be able to try several of these during these two days. During the final
day, students’ agents are pitted against each other in a tournament and we will recognize three
best performing agents.

-Participant, normal fee: 500 euros for 2-week-course, 300 euros for 1-week-course.
-Participant from a UEF partner university: 400 euros for 2-week-course, 250 euros for 1-week-course.
-Incoming UEF exchange student: 200 euros for 2-week-course, 200 euros for 1-week-course.

NB! UEF partner universities include our international exchange programme partners (like Erasmus+, bilateral agreements etc.) and international network partners (like YUFE, YERUN, UArctic etc.).

Apply now! Summer 2024/25
Application period has ended
Apply now! Summer 2024/25
Application period has ended