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Summer Seminar of Environmental Modeling

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The seminar handles timely topics of environmental modeling. Yearly 2-3 selected application areas of environmental modeling are studied in the seminar presentations. For the year 2024 we have selected aquatic modeling, energy modeling and atmospheric pollution modeling. The visiting lecturer is assistant professor Jibran Khan from Århus University. Other presentations are given by several research groups from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) as well as researchers from the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). The participants are also welcome to suggest their own presentation to substitute the report required.
The student is required to attend at least 80% of the seminar sessions. Additionally, he or she is required to write and submit a report of about 5 pages or give his or her own presentation in the seminar.

Course contact person: Prof. Mikko Kolehmainen, mikko.kolehmainen@uef.fi.

This course is organized at UEF’s Kuopio campus. Participants should be sure to prepare accommodation and make travel plans for Kuopio accordingly. It is not possible to acquire accommodation from Joensuu and participate in the course in Kuopio, as there is a distance of approx. 150 kilometres between the cities.

As the course is organized separately from other Summer School courses and in a different city, participation fees will not be charged. UEF Summer School is not organizing separate social programme for the course duration in Kuopio.

Apply now! Summer 2024/25
Application period has ended
Apply now! Summer 2024/25
Application period has ended